IMG_2447 2It has become a recent trend that the gluten-free dairy-free diet is the key to, not only a healthy life style but, weight loss.  I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, but I have been gluten and dairy-free for almost a year and I’ve monitored my body’s response to the process.  I have read many articles and done some research  and I have decided to share my findings.


Before, those who lead a gluten-free diet were those suffering from celiac disease, a digestive disorder that occurs in a reaction to gluten. It was not common for those without celiac disease to lead such a diet because they would be giving up a lot of nutritious foods. Now, with the various ‘gluten-free’ options and substitutes many have conformed to this new lifestyle.


According to WebMD you do not need to have celiac disease to experience discomfort from gluten. Gluten itself, according to WebMD, does not have any nutritious benefits. Cutting off food that does not serve your body allows for easier digestion and for your body to fully utilize the energy from the food you consume.

Dairy, on the other hand is a more intricate topic. I find that humans are the only mammals that consume dairy after the breastfeeding phase. Milk contains a lot of vitamins that help grow, but similar vitamins can be found in less concentrated and less fattening food and drinks that do not disrupt your system.

The benefits of going dairy free include:

  1. Less Bloating
  2. Improved Digestion
  3. Clearer Skin
  4. Decreased Oxidative Stress


According to Dr.Axes’ ‘Food is Medicine’ people follow a dairy-free diet for various reasons, but most commonly for digestive relief.


People need to be more mindful of what they put into their body especially with the increase in processed foods and toxins. The more organic and un-coplex options, the easier and healthier you make it on the body.


There are countless alternatives these days that many people have decided to adopt the gluten-free dairy-free regimen into their lifestyle. A-list celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and Chelsea Clinton are among those people.


Be mindful with what you eat in order to give your body the most efficient sources of energy to feel and look good and healthy. Do have the power to get through your days without any unnecessary discomfort.


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