Tony Robbins is a motivation speaker and life coach. His decades of successful work has made him a bestselling author and one of Americas billionaire businessmen and philanthropist. He has coached iconic people of our time including Princess Diana, Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, and Mother Theresa. Although he states “I Am Not Your Guru,” he really is.

I am a fan of motivational speakers and enjoy listening to various speeches by successful people whom I look up to such as Oprah Winfrey, Queen Rania, and Steve Jobs. I came across Robbins work on Netflix. I watched his documentary, I Am Not Your Guru ,which is an inside look of Robbins annual seminar called Date With Destiny. His seminar costs each person about $5000 to attend. That includes an entire weekend with a seminar ranging at around eleven-hours each day. The experience, I thought, must be filled with energy and positive vibes for people to be willing to spend this much money and tolerate staying in the same room for eleven-hours. The documentary was nothing short of stellar as is his work.

Motivational speakers and life coaches can often times be generic. Knowing a few key words and quotes and I agree can sometimes come across cheesy but Robbins, and trust me when I say, knows what he is talking about. You just ‘feel it’ when you watch him, hear him, or even read his books of which I’ve downloaded a few on my iPad and started  reading.


As Millennials today we need this kind of coaching because our day to day requires not just physical strength but emotional and spiritual strength. Times have changed, we know this. We now must change our habits. Like you have a sporting coach, I urge you to let Robbins become your spiritual coach because we all need one. If you do not think you need one, then you probably need it the most.


Robbins does something different, he does not tell you things you already know, he lets you become aware of things you already knew but could not access within yourself. He defies deception and brings your mind away from all its illusions and all encompassing  brings you back to reality in the here and now.

He does something that is out of the ordinary, he brings science and religion together, while our whole lives we were taught that they bumped heads. It is work of a higher caliber of intelligence. Regardless of ones background, religious practice or lack there of, you will understand and more powerfully you will relate.

Previous generations have been taught to suppress certain emotions and have allowed their minds to play games and deceive them for their whole lives. That is why you will find that their methods do not work anymore. In order to be successful, in however way you define that in your life, you need to be present and aware. Our life moves way too fast and is way to compact that you cannot afford to not be here and now when it is  in the moment. It is easy to always be somewhere else; thinking of the next task, or the meeting you have to attend, or the phone call you need to make, and the list of obligations you have for the day. As a result, you are never present and therefore you live a life of no fulfillment nor meaning and begin to feel empty, lonely, and incompetent of anything. The ripple effect then starts.


The Street released a video interview with Robbins that targets advice he gives to millennials about debt and investments, something I am sure a lot of us did not expect but are dealing with.  As millennials he recognizing our youthfulness and our gift of time. He stated that “we often over estimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in a decade.” This is due to our in demand psychological programming. We need everything done and done fast and done now. Everything is on the go – go -go. That is not ok. We have time, and we need to be present in it.

I can write for pages and pages about his powerful presence and capability to capture and relate to you. But I’ll leave that to you to figure out if you choose to take this advice and watch and/ or read his books.




Pictures used in this blog were taken off Tony Robbins official website which can be visited at

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