I am about to graduate university and have began applying for jobs. In the years leading up to this point I have taken a co-op class where I learned all about preparing for job interviews, writing a cover letter and most importantly, how to draft and update my resume.

It is 2017 and the resume game has changed. Everyone knows the gist of it; (keep it one page, times new roman, 12pt to fit in as much as possible, use action words, have a skill section) bla bla bla, we are now back to having stacks of identical looking resumes.

After reading an article by TIME Magazine and Forbes on resume trend for 2017, what to add and what to remove, I have come up with the most interesting and important changes to consider when updating your resume this year.


The format is the most important factor. Think of your employees as shallow men at the bar; looks are what attract them first. Use a format that makes your resume look sharp, chic, and easy to follow.

Ditch the Times New Roman craze, it is dated and boring.  It’s association with school and work deflects eye attention from it. Use a font that is sleek and tight, I prefer Avenir.


Your resume should show your employer how you will benefit them not how they will benefit you.


Delete your skill section. Instead, incorporate your skills into your experience descriptions. That way your ‘action words’ will have more depth to them and you’ll free up more space.


This is obviously the soul purpose of a resume. But the point here is to remind and stress that less is more. Unless the experience you are writing about relates to the position you are applying for cut-it-out.


Do not be afraid to use colors that work for you keeping in mind that it should be easy and comfortable to read. I prefer the color blue…


I don’t mean awards, I mean that for every experience you list mention what your accomplished and how it allowed you to improve. Showing you can reflect is huge.

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