When I went through a phase where the decisions in my life got harder, and the risks got higher I started to panic. My emotions were all over the place and I felt so stressed and anxious it was like I was drowning in my thoughts and could no longer think clearly. It happens.

It happens, but I learned that these speed bumps happen to get us back on track when we fall off it. It is the universes way of restarting your system; Complete shut (melt) down and a confusing phase of ‘rebooting.’

I learned that when these things happen it is a sign to change a habit or pick up a good one. The greater habit I picked up was listening to TEDTalks.

For the past three weeks, I wake up, grab my iPad and play a TEDTalk. I’d usually search ‘success’ and ‘the power of positive thinking’ along with a whole lot of other things I thought I needed guidance with. I’d select a video on YouTube, place my iPad down, grab my coffee, take a shower, make breakfast, put my makeup on, get dressed, pack my bag – all while listening to the selection of TEDTalks that fell under my search.

Although I was busy getting ready for my day it did a couple things for me. First, I realized that even though I was not directly paying it attention, my body and soul was absorbing every bit of it. Second, I began getting excited for my mornings to see what I would hear from experts to start my morning sharp and bright.

After a few days I decided to experiment something. I instead started searching on the words  ‘TEDTalks’ and let the playlist run at random. I learned that no matter what I hear about, whether it is about science, child development, career, families, technology, innovation, plantation- whatever it was, the key theme that rolled between all of them was; balance, in the moment awareness,  good habits and gut instincts.

I decided to make this blog to suggest the top five blog posts that I think every 20-something year old needs to hear and should hear over and over whenever they need to.

5. Mel Robbins: how to Stop Screwing yourself over

Mel Robbins has  great character, and listening to her talk is like any talk your mother has had with you, but better, because it is not your mother and she does not need to tell you you look pretty when you don’t. In fact, she is just so very hilariously blunt that it makes you giggle (I’ve watched it multiple times and yes I still giggle.) Her main argument is that no one should every use the F word…”Fine.” You should never be fine because our mere existence was not based out of something ‘fine’ but something GREAT. No

4. Tracy McMillan: The Person You Really need to Marry

Tracy McMillan, a three times divorcé, talks about the foundation of marriage. I know, hard to take marriage advice from a three time divorcé but trust me she knows what she is talking about. Her message is that you need to marry yourself- it’s not as crazy as it sounds I promise- but if you aren’t content with yourself and committed to yourself and treat yourself you need to be treated than it will never work out with anyone else. After she realized this, she started to attract better types of guys and is now in what sounded like a very stable happy relationship.

3. Ruth Chang: How to Make Tough Choices

Ruth Chang connects with you when she talks about every claim she makes, she uses her own personal experience. And she is a lawyer, so I wouldn’t argue with her.

2. Magnus Walker: Go With Your Gut Feeling

I rated Magnus Walkers talks as #2 because I can not stress how much I believe in the power of ones gut feeling. I think the gut is ones genuine navigational system in life. You’ll never, in my opinion, regret trusting your gut and what feels truly right for you. But you will regret not listening to it. Magnus Walker is precise in his reasoning as to why one should trust their gut and that it is much more than just a feeling.

1. Jia Jang: What I Learned from 100 days of rejection

This TEDTalk by Jia Jang is my absolute favorite talk ever! He is so funny and so good at explaining himself. He made me want to try the 100 days of rejection. The way he explains himself before during and after a situation is so sharp and easy to understand and relate to. I laughed multiple times during the talk and it was so simple and easy to listen to. I definitely watched this over five times.


photocredit to http://www.ted.com

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